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this morning i woke up, and the first thing i did was create a giant to do list for the day (actually the first thing i did was take out my mouthguard...but you get the point). i don't have to go to work today but boy do i have to work!

the other day i was running somewhere to return something to a friend and i thought "boy, i'm glad i remembered to do this otherwise i would really let this person down!" but then it occurred to me how easily i could have forgotten this task. and all of a sudden i had this overwhelming fear. fear that i'm juggling too many balls (tasks, projects, jobs, what-have-you) and that if i slack for just a small moment...i could end up forgetting something important. this fear is slightly crippling at times!

lately i've actually found myself putting things off. not responding to emails as quickly as i should, or avoiding projects that i know need to be done right now. on sunday i'm going away on a mini vacation so i'm going to smarten up before then and use this time to get things done. and then maybe in a couple months when this whole festival is over...i'll learn to take it easy...not take on so much...etc...etc...etc.

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  1. story of my life. if i'm not constantly cramming my schedule full i feel like i'm wasting time. i need to learn how to chill out!!


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