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a few weeks ago, a friend recommended i look at "old faithful shop" online. i did, and was subsequently very impressed with their focus on quirky, solid and simple products. 

the following week, i chanced upon the shop in real life (in vancouver, bc). oh boy, was it incredible! the store is so perfectly curated i just about died on the spot. wood shelving and beams make a lasting impression and nothing is over stocked or crammed into tiny spaces. each product has room to breathe.

yes, you have to use your inagination for some items, but others, like bread shaped cutting boards, lavender laundry soap and canvas totes would make charming gifts (i know i'm marking this twine and scissors duo below as a holiday gift for a book binder friend!)

plus they carry kinfolk, which is perhaps the best magazine of all time, next to frankie.

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  1. Do you read Uppercase Magazine? You're in Canada, so you probably already heard of it.

    I've been thinking about trying to get a hold of a Frankie issue, but is hard to find here in the U.S., and of course shipping is ridonculous.

    I just ordered a few back issues of Uppercase and I must say it was such a treasure trove of eye candy, I have yet to read the articles. But, I'll be sitting down this weekend to absorb every word slowly and make it last. :)


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