art | carrie marill

this weekend, my friend samantha came to stay. samantha and i have been friends since junior kindergarden. in canada that means since we were about four years old, though she moved away to a different province in grade three. luckily her dad traveled a lot and had air miles, and my pops worked for the airline. so we saw each other fairly often! this weekend sam told me she'd never really been to a gallery before and i thought:

1. that's why i'm planning the integrate arts festival.
2. let's fix that!

while we were wandering through various galleries talking about colour (she likes it, her husband does not), she told me about an artist she liked. when we googled it later, i immediately fell in love! the string theory works of carrie marill are adorable. represented by jen bekman (of 20x200), marill "navigates the rich history of nature illustration and combines it with a contemporary pop aesthetic." this first image right!!??


  1. Wow, this art is beautiful! Love the colours, that Owl is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That art is incredible! I love the first one. I can totally picture an actual deer with it's face in some colourful bush, chomping on bright blue and yellow leaves. How fun.


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