musings | eight years

eight years ago today i started dating my husband. sort of...kind of. well to be honest we had had variations of dates before, all of which pretty much ended with me crying. what can i say? it just wasn't meant to be at the time! that's always what he says anyways. i say i would have been more than happy to start dating him when i was seventeen rather than nineteen. but he insists we both had a lot more growing up to do.

it's funny that i'm recalling that right now because the other day i was thinking about how people change while in a relationship. and as i wondered how things like family, money, houses and children would change us over the years i selfishly thought "i hope my husband doesn't change too much - he's so great!" i think there is a part of me that worries if my partner changes too much...i won't like him anymore!

but today i realized that he has already changed SO much in the past eight years! and in fact he is an even better person. he's more caring, more motivated, and even better looking. in fact it needs to be said that i'm a bit jealous!

so here is to you my husband: to eight wonderful years together and all of the changes they have brought. and to many many more.


  1. Try waiting 12 years instead of 2! ;-) To be fair I wasn't waiting around all that time, but there was a period where I too, "hung out" with a man whom I adored but he wasn't ready for me yet. Here's to perseverance and loves that were meant to be!

    Congrats on 8 years with your hubby!

  2. Hey, it seems like we both have love on our minds today. I blogged about a similar topic.

    I have never dating anyone for more than 3 years, so hats off to you. It sounds like you have a relationship that is still fresh and fun. I think that is important. People change, but you want to grow (for the better!) together.

    Happy 8 years!!!!

  3. I think that can be why divorce happens - two people change but go in opposite directions from eachother. For a relationship to last and not fall to the easy way out, I think that both parties need to be prepared for the change, and they need to be willing to accept it. And at the very least, not worry about it and just enjoy their time together.
    Seeg and I have only been together for 3 years, and we're far from married, but even over just those three years, we've both changed - especially me. I used to fly off the walls if someone told me the truth and I didn't like it. Seeg has never lied to me, as far as I know, and now I realise that I can rely on him for an honest opinion, and he has trained me into a thicker skin against it. I still don't LIKE people to tell me things I don't like to hear, but it doesn't upset me anywhere near as much as it did.

    But if you two are still strong through all the changing, then that's what's most important. I can imagine why children will change couples. I'm really not keen on the idea of kids, and I haven't been for some time. It's a responsibility I don't trust myself with.

    Congratulations on 8 years - it's wonderful to see updates about relationships like this ^^ I think some of us like to put ourselves in your shoes ♥


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