patience made | letter writing kits

when i read about the craft it forward challenge, i knew exactly what i wanted to make. i put these letter writing kits together in a haphazard manner using my new sewing machine and lots of school glue. i also had those beautiful papers i've been wanting to use and they seemed to suit the nature of this project. the table of contents will tell you all that's inside and i've photographed some of the pages. my favourite are the "embellishments" and "washi tape" pages. now, this may spoil the surprise for those of you that signed up for my craft it forward...but since i forgot to write a note or something in the package, i thought this might solve a bit of the mystery for you - i hope you enjoy!!

p.s. don't forget to check out the $1 writing paper sale before it's over! happy letter writing week!

introduction about letter writing

table of contents

embellishments and washi tape for envelope decoration

an address book and envelopes

another example of embellishments and tape in a different colour scheme

free canadian postage + address labels and envelope seals

canadian mailing rates and a note about mail art


  1. Oh how I love this idea! Your craft it forward recipients are just the luckiest!

  2. Oh my gosh!! These are just too cute!! *quietly squealing in my head*

    You are just too creative, I swear. :)

  3. Beautiful! You sure have an awesome talent!!

  4. This is a lovely project!

  5. Whoa! You should sell these in your store!! I've always loved stationery where you open it up and there are little bits inside (like your 'embellishments' section). Amazing! Would love to get my little stationery addict hands on one of these ;)

  6. will you be selling these in your shop?

  7. I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!


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