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lately i've been feeling a distinct ache in my heart. when i was in high school and university i used a daily planner. agenda, datebook, calendar - call it whatever you like but we were inseparable! and in fact i plan to post images here one day of my high school agendas. they don't just contain my math homework but also stickers, quizzes, daily thoughts, cartoons and notes from every friend i had - like little time capsules! but since buying an iphone a few years ago, it's made having a planner entirely redundant. and so i had to choose! guess who won?

but my husband and i have been keeping a fridge calendar in the past six months. it's a great way to keep track of appointments and to share our schedule with each other (we have jobs that don't start and end at the same time every day). it's a pretty basic printable calendar and it occured to me that there might be something better out there! 

and there is - etsy of course! i like the ones below, i just have to decide which!


  1. my vote (in case you're curious) is for the flapper doodle calendar! I think it's suitable for both gal and boy and simple yet adorbs!

    I still rely on my planner, even with my iphone and ipad. There's something that writing things down does for my memory! But virtual calendars are the way to go.. easier to transport :)

  2. Can't live without my planner. tried other methods (incl. evernote) and failed miserably.

  3. ...i was just thinking the other day how little i use my agenda now that i'm done school and working a set m-f 830-5 schedule. i miss it.

  4. Hello!

    Thank you for including my calendar on your article :D, you have a lovely blog,adding yuo to my favorites!

    have a nice week end


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