musings | 2012, 2013

well 2012 - you certainly have not been the most boring year of my life - that's for sure. when i decided to write this post and i was tossing around thoughts in my head - for a second i actually thought "it's possible this has been the worst year of my life." but i immediately retracted it. not only because i can think of so many things that would make a year worse, but because there were also some real highlights. or rather, not highlights but more of a slow burn of joy, inspiration and learning.

in 2012 i realized that one job i loved was not conducive to my mental health. i learnt that another job i loved would have an expiration date. in 2012 my career - which finally felt like it was going somewhere positive - actually took a nosedive. in 2012 my grandfather passed away, and i watched another man who is like a grandfather to me, slowly fade away. in 2012 i gained more weight than i ever thought possible, and experienced sickness and pain over and over again. in 2012 my gross wage dropped dramatically and stability became a thing of the past. in 2012 i felt scared, unattractive and lost.

in 2012 i was given opportunities to enhance my skill set and take on more responsibility than i've ever had at a job. in 2012 my career reached it's most impressive point and left me with a resume i am incredibly proud of. in 2012 i learnt that my family and friends have an endless amount of love and support to offer me. in 2012 i realized that i am more than my outer appearance. for some time i shed both make-up and self destructive thoughts. in 2012 i came to see that i am stronger than i thought. in 2012 i saved more money than i ever have in my entire life. in 2012 i was loved, comforted and inspired.

for 2013 and i want so much. it will be a year of change for me, i can feel that already. i hate change but i can see that it's necessary and so i am going to go with the flow. these changes may cover a variety of things including health, friends, family, career, home and finances. some things i hope to have a hand in...and the others - well, i'll continue to learn how to take what is handed to me.


  1. Very cool post, beautiful! With change comes growth and opening opportunities greater than you could imagine. Everything amazing coming to you from this point forward is probably a result of some of the hard things you went through in 2012.

  2. Such a deep and wonderful post. Thank you for sharing your 2012 with us. I see 2013 being a year for change as well. I wish you the best, and look forward to following you through your adventures throughout the days/month/posts. :) Here's to a new beginning!


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