patience made | holiday gift tags

is it time to start playing holiday carols?? can i put up my christmas tree yet? yesterday on the way to work, jon played a celtic version of "oh holy night" for me...and my heart was at ease. when i was younger i used to have a cd with twenty different versions of "oh holy night." that's how much i love this time of year, and that is how much i love carols!

taking inspiration from these delightful songs - i have centred my holiday stationery line around them. below are the tags i've created with some of my favourite lines. what's your favourite carol?


  1. Ah, these are amazing! I love "oh, holy night"!
    I will post your feature next week, will let you know when!
    Happy weekend xxx

  2. i LOVE these!!!

    p.s. when i got an email about the great food blogger cookie swap starting up again this year, i started jumping up and down and yelling "it's almost time for christmas" "christmas treeeeee!" "christmas music!!!!". CHRISTMAS! :) i knew we were friends for a reason...

    p.s. i wonder if you'd be able to make me some great food blogger cookie swap wrapping stuff....?


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