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it seems to me that everyone around me is rallying for me. i'm still not doing too great physically and all of my friends and family tell me that they are hoping for the best and to "look at the bright side." but i have to tell you - after a month with a toothache, i feel like i need to get used to this pain as status quo.

maybe that's not the right attitude. i've heard that positive thinking and an optimistic outlook can yield a good outcome. even the other day i tested chakra number three and my rewards came immediately in kind.

on the other hand, i usually prefer to prepare myself for reality. i find that when i get my hopes up - the let down when something doesn't work out just hurts too much.

so what's better? positive thinking to hope for a positive result? or setting yourself up for reality so that you aren't so let down?


  1. A mixture of both, dare I say. Sometimes it's about thinking positively and recognising good outcomes even if they aren't in the areas you were hoping to prosper. When all hope is lost and you just know the time to face facts has arrived, then a calm acceptance and realisation something bigger and better awaits can help. Lucy X

  2. all i have to say is the dentist needs to give you penecillin already!!!!! (if you're not allergic that is..!)

  3. Anonymous10.10.12

    Hope for the best; expect the worst is my mantra. Here's what I'd like to happen and here's what may happen to prepare myself.

  4. hope for the best, including a visit to the dentist? i hope it starts healing. i know after a few weeks with some general mouth pain, it can be SO exhausting.


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