snapshot | shops, shores and sweet gestures

don't forget to check out the details of the "destroy this journal" competition! click here to read yesterdays post. let me know if you plan to participate! and now, some photos from my week in ontario:

one | my parents took my brothers and i to a big sweet shop in the middle of cottage country.

two | a beautiful setting for a wedding on the shores of lake ontario last weekend.

three | spending the day with two of my favourite people - former art history classmates marnie and magdalyn.

four | visiting the distillery district where jon and i got married!

five | the awful "orange room" i stayed in at my parents house. it wasn't so bad sleeping near gustav klimt's "the kiss" however!

six | when i arrived home in victoria (two days before jon) i saw that he had prepared bath amenities and had professionally folded all of my towels and bed clothes.


  1. Lake Ontario looks beautiful :)x


  2. i tried to go for dinner where you had your reception this past week but they were closed for a private function! balls! that being said, i did eat dinner across the way at the oyster bar again - fabulous! :) both times, i thought of you.

  3. <3<3<3

    i like the klimt :P

  4. Anonymous6.8.12

    John is so sweet!



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