competition | destroy this journal!

i love technology - i really do! i love my iphone so much that it hurts. sometimes, when i think that i've lost my phone or my laptop, i feel like tossing my cookies and i literally cannot breathe! when i'm on a plane and i'm not allowed to use my phone, i feel like i've lost a limb! in my iphone i keep alerts, notes, ideas, my schedule and important documents in my email.

so you might be surprised to learn that i always keep a notebook with me. no matter where i go, or how small my purse may be, i always have a moleskine and a pen to jot down whatever it is that i'm thinking. there is something so deliciously tangible about paper isn't there? i think it's the reason i feel so connected to stationery and snail mail. and isn't there something truly therapeutic about getting your thoughts onto paper? whether you give it to the recipient or simply destroy it, it can do you a world of good!

when my friend gave me this book (seen above), kim at a blackbird's epiphany was inspired to start a competition. it's probably the coolest, most random and unique competition i've ever come across so i hope you'll all participate! the idea is to fill a journal with your thoughts, anxieties and daily stresses and they destroy it! it would be great to see blog posts of your progress! i'll include the rules from kim below.

• this competition will run for two months - from august first to september thirtieth.
• completed entries will be accepted by email. entries should consist of pictures of several "destroyed" pages, and the finished book with approximately seven to ten would be excellent. some pictures could portray the process of "destroying," while others could be the final altered pages. but, the pages must still be readable.
• in your entry, please include your name, email address, and a single webpage you wish to be associated with (i.e. blog or shop)
• you may use any journal you like. creativity is key. throw away all the boundaries, stop thinking and just do. use some of the materials of your trade. be original, but please be sensible.
• none of the hosts or prize contributors will be held responsible if you do something silly and get yourself hurt.
• the winner will be voted for by the hosts and prize contributors.
• prizes, including participational, will be given out once the winner has been announced. all entries must be sent by email. please note that some prizes may take longer to be received than others, depending on the location of the sponsor. the hosts live all over the world!

for even more details and to see the prizes, click here.

let me know in the comments if you plan to participate!


  1. Hi Kaitlyn, I hope you received my elevated envelope! I put it in the mail last week. Just wanted to let you know that I blogged about this competition! I think it's such a fun idea!



    1. thanks for blogging julie and i hope to receive your mail soon!!

  2. I've had one of these journals sitting on my desk since my friend gave it to me for my birthday in March. Horrifying! I'll join in for sure. I'm with you, notebooks, pens and paper are incomparable to iDevices!


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