destroy this journal | update one

if you'll remember - i'm helping to host the "detroy this journal" competition. you can read my post about it here, and learn more about the rules and prizes here. you can still participate - it's a two month contest and there are prizes just for playing along!!

i'm going to start by saying that this. is. hard. you wouldn't actually think it would be so hard to ruin something (it's always a shorter process than creating isn't it?). to start, i spent weeks making little notes in the book - just here and there, whenever i was frustrated or upset. i vented my thoughts right onto the pages. 

but then, i didn't know what to do! i'm such a perfectionist that i couldn't bear to hurt the book. 

so i nailed it to the wall for awhile while i thought about it. 

then, i ripped a bunch of pages out, printed some notes on them using the computer, and adhered them back in the book (in different spots) using scotch tape. i liked the idea that i tore apart something that was printed and bound...only to print and bind it once more! see...baby steps :)

i wanted to take it one step further that day so i took a deep breath...and tossed the journal at the wall as hard as i could! THWACK!

it ook everything i had not to try and straighten out those pages...


  1. Hehe you are so cute. I am failing dismally at this project for exactly the same reason!!

  2. See I thought I'd have the same problem, but I didn't. I've drilled holes in it, taken some spikes off of my old punky clothes and screwed them through it and things like that. I still have to blog it though ♥ Loving what you've come up with so far!


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