snail mail | typewriter inspired

i know that mail art is supposed to be messy and free and collage like with crazy organic drawings. (is it? i'm not really sure if that's true). but i like precise, neat mail art with wonderful images and words that amuse the viewer - not confuse. this is one of my favourite pieces that i have made in awhile and it's currently on it's way to a very dear, old university friend from ontario. miss you rach!


  1. these letters look so amazing! Sorry that I haven't answered yet. I actually still wrote the letter. But I don't find any time to make a nice cover! :( I've to write two classtest during the next two day. But on wednesday I have free time. And then I'll finish it and bring it to the post office on thursday. I really like your snail mail covers! :) Best, Luu (Lea)

  2. I love this, its so inspiring. I think collage is whatever you make it to be and reflects your style rather then what one expects of you. I'm too much of perfectionist too so its nice to know its not just me. I've actually started an envelope project myself but my handwriting is whats spoiling it for me. I love how you've done yours.

  3. so incredible Kaitlyn!!! i love it and i'm sure Rach is going to frame it once she spies it in her mailbox. what a couple of happy chirpers you added on too. thank goodness snail mail isn't a lost art afterall! you give me hope lades.

    um, sounded like you guys had quite a time watching the fireworks! guess little mountain got it's fair share of publicity that night hey? baha, well enjoy the new week ahead, nice to have a 4-dayer i bet. ♥

  4. I love this, you're so creative! Hmm, well I feel with mail art that there's no "right" way, it's all about what you want to do. I tried something a bit ambitious for me, it's in the mail on its way to you, I took some pictures that I can send to you once it arrives (I was a bit paranoid it wouldn't make it there exactly as I intended)! :)


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