sunday sins | microwave

for the past two weeks i have been avoiding an the etsy forums. each and every time i dedicate myself to giving up one of these sins, i am amazed at how ingrained my habits are! in the past two weeks i would be nosing around etsy, updating my shop and perusing others. and my mouse would find it's way to the community section. i'd be this close to clicking it before i would remember i was supposed to be avoiding the forums completely! but i didn't look - not even a tiny peek. i'm not sure whether i feel more at ease about my shop, but i know that reading the forums wouldn't have made me feel better so there you go!

for the next two weeks i'm going to avoid using the microwave. i eat a lot of crappy foods because the microwave makes it easy. canned foods and tv dinners and such. yum!/blech! probably without the microwave i'll have a lot of fresh things to enjoy. at first i thought this would be easy - but then i remembered that i often bring leftovers to work the next day and heat them up. that's not so wrong is it? well...the challenge has been set so we'll see!

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  1. oh i love this one! im actually getting rid of our microwave when we move.


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