snail mail | bears, bunches of flowers & the best paper ever

i've been feeling very creative and inspired lately. yesterday i took a bookbinding workshop (photos soon!) and i had a blast. i'm planning to take some other classes this summer as well. they make me feel so inspired and i love trying to incorporate new skills into my own arts and crafts.

this is the father's day envelope i made for my father. i bought him this print by corella design on etsy and so i used her similar image on the envelope - with the idea that the bear will get "dressed up" for father's day! we've always referred to my dad as a bear -  a 90's bear, a millennium bear. as in...he's gruff and works with his hands, but he's also very in the know and in touch with new technology (he developed a web design/hosting business in 1994!).

i received this package in the mail this week! tell me this isn't the coolest paper in the world!? (don't tell me that, it would be wrong). my friend saw this journal and thought of me - how sweet is that? hopefully i'll give you some updates on the state of the book.

a response with a pretty envelope to my new penpal/blog reader holly!


  1. These all look great! I love that flocked bird stamp ^^

    And that journal is so fabulous! What a truly great idea! I must track it down for myself xD

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