sunday seller | meghann rader

i discovered meghann rader's etsy shop while watching an etsy labs video. her shop was being critiqued. although, by critiqued i mean "complimented over and over again while scratching their heads wondering why she wasn't getting more sales." i loved the look of it so i hopped over to her shop to check it out. it turns out i'd already been there because the "favourite shop" button had been clicked! i guess i know what i like!

and you'll like it too. meghann has cleverly wiggled her way around the stigma of buying original art online. art is a tough sell irl and even more so online so meghann has transferred her beautiful landscape sketches to a new surface. she creates stunning original artwork on wooden pendants, arrow shaped brooches and round lockets. the etsy lab critiquing her shop suggested she create more items by printing the same image on multiple pendants. inside my head i was thinking "no no no!" because as meghann points out in this interview, creating each piece separately allows people to wear a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art! how awesome is that?


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