patience made | the language of stamps

hi! i had such fun making this project this week!

did you know that stamps used to have a language all their own? i did a little bit of research and was delighted to find a number of different diagrams depicting the various messages. you can read a very interesting summary of the history here. i wanted to take action though and test it out on some handmade flat cards! of course my receivers might just think i was drunk when applying my postage. so i've explained about the hidden message on the back of each postcard. some of the diagrams had conflicting messages but i decided to go with the following one (it was in english, and also had the most interesting lines).

my secret language postcards:


  1. Your handwriting is so cute! And the language of stamps thing is so awesome - do you think we could get away with doing it? I thought stamps -had- to be in the top right corner!

  2. So interesting, what a personal touch! And those postcards are the cutest!


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