snapshot | forager, friends and failed attemps

one | this is a lovely little print by belafonte on etsy. i used this as part of my upcoming guest post on artsy forager. it's all about the types of art available for purchase.

two | i've been having a little sale in my stationery shoppe and a bunch of ladies took advantage! here i am packing up orders from the weekend.

three | i loved the decor of a new hair salon i tried called "the hive." they seriously have the best branding - check out their website!

four | i met up with some friends for dinner on monday night. i haven't seen one of them for over a year and even then it was only for two seconds at our wedding! it was so great to catch up.

five | this is pretty much how i have been feeling for the past week. i swear, i'm nauseous all the time and i have no idea why! pregnancy jokes are appreciated but not accurate.

six | i am such a dummy! i tried to replicate a project i've done before involving a wooden cradle canvas, pretty paper and resin. well, there was a note in the resin instructions to seal paper and wood first, but i thought "i did this before without sealing the paper and it worked out fine!" well it didn't work out fine. the paper absorbed all the resin and so when it dried i had to peel it all off. back to the beginning! the reason it worked before was because i used wallpaper...which is already sealed.

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