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i've always had a great deal of respect for artists who sell original artwork online. to me it is important to see the work in person, to get a feeling for its size, to understand the type of support it's on (paper, canvas, board etc) to stand on an angle while viewing it and maybe even touch it.

but some online shops manage to convey all of these things digitally. two elm studio is one of these shops which is able to share their work with potential customers and not leave them feeling nervous or shortchanged once they make a purchase.

i first saw erin mcintosh's work on the art cake and posted about it in my weekly escape into life contribution. i don't know how i came across her shop on etsy but i didn't realize that the artist was one and the same until i saw her name on her etsy profile page!

mcintosh is clearly multi-talented but the original watercolour paintings and drawings sold in her etsy shop are beautiful - and some of my favourites. they are abstract but serene in their presence and once framed they would be the perfect addition to a bedroom, bathroom, office or craft room.


  1. Anonymous6.5.12

    i really like the colors used. i need more art in my life!

  2. Also featured Erin's work a while back and her watercolors are definitely my fave. Love to see her getting so much attention! :-)


  4. Utterly beautiful! She is clearly talented



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