mail | arthur, after xmas and art dissection

this week i made a number of fun mail pieces! the first set of images shows a package i put together for my good friend magdalyn. it's a little archie grand journal (love 'em!), a vintage article by group of seven painter arthur lismer and a letter on old school hilroy style paper. again, thank-you heffel auction catalogues!

the second set of images show a creepy xmas card i found at work. but the cool thing about it is that it's an actual silkscreen print! on the back i cut out an image advertising an upcoming art gallery of alberta exhibition. i wish i lived near this friend so that we could check it out together. the only problem with this postcard is...i forgot to put the address on it and then i misplaced it so now i have to find it before i can mail it! oopsie.

the third set is one of my favourite pieces that i have made to date. ira hoffecker is a victoria artist i admire (i posted about her here) and her work has been in just about every local magazine lately. so i took advantage of that and cut out all of the images, dissected the piece and interspersed awesome quotes about her paintings. i then mailed it to her and it made for a nice little surprise!

p.s. QUESTION! what colour is this font?? please leave me a comment telling me what colour it is, and what colour my links are (see above). thanks!!


  1. Font is grey and links are pink!

  2. yep!! the font is grey and the links are light pink!! :)


  3. it's been grey since the time i texted you! i don't know why it ever showed up differently!


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