sunday sins | gossiping/whining about work

first of all, a little shout out to my lovely husband, his birthday is today! i wrote this post in advance and as i speak we are traveling up island to a little chalet in the woods. it's a total surprise for him so i'm hoping he has reacted favourably!

for the past two weeks i avoided fast food. except of course for yesterday when i caved and had subway for lunch with my colleague. it was my last day at work - not that i should be making excuses but... it was so good! okay, that's not the point. i did really well and so i'm proud of myself. i probably saved quite a bit of cash too!

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for the next two weeks i am going to avoid complaining, whining or gossiping about work. i think it's a nice time to do this one since i am done one job and will be mostly working alone at the other. that doesn't mean there isn't still things to natter on about however. it's going to be a different work situation than i'm used to (with more responsibility) and i'm going to try not to drive my husband crazy talking about work all the time! or two weeks at the very least...


  1. I find that avoiding complaining about work makes me less stressed out about it all. It's a good goal to have. Good luck!

  2. happy birthday jon!! i can see him diggin that gift.

    also.... i should pick up this sunday sin as well. done.

  3. Good Job at avoiding fast food, and really Subway isnt considered fast food, is it? Its not fried anyway!



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