sunday seller | corset laced mannequin

there is something special about dress forms (or "judys" if you will) that evokes a real sense of the past within one's space. it might have to do with the enormous resurgence of vintage that is happening at the moment, but i think it might also be more than that. though they stand silently at the side of the room, dress forms celebrate femininity in all of its shapely glory. but even better? they are useful. sure, many people use them only for display purposes but they are also vital to the work of sewers and fashion designers. for those of us who aren't donna karan, we can pile our necklaces over the bust, pin special photographs, or hang the next day's outfit. 

the judys below are from corset laced mannequin on etsy. based in england, lucy curtis tailors her dress forms using exquisite fabrics and the utmost care. i suspect if we all looked like this naked - there would be no need for clothing at all ;)


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  2. Hi Kaitlyn, many thanks for including my mannequins in your fabulous blog. I'm thrilled!! Going to have a read of the rest of your blog now. Cheers, Lucyxx

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