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mondays | snail mail and mail art galore! i'll post photos of fun letters, postcards and packages that i receive in the mail.

tuesday | the first tuesday of every month will offer you the opportunity to link up and join the isavirtue art crawl! discover new art in varying forms of media each month.

tuesdays | tuesdays will feature musings and thoughts from yours truly with a focus on life, love and the challenges they both hold.

wednesdays | every other wednesday will deliver awesome art straight to you, from me. a very contemporary focus.

wednesdays | every other wednesday will be an art vs. art match-up. two similar artists will be pitted against each other and you get to decide which you prefer best!

thursdays | thursdays is a selection of photos from things that have excited me or inspired me through-out the week.

fridays | fridays will include shoppe updates, images of my latest products and my side projects and crafting adventures.

saturdays | every other saturday it's time to go back to school! i'll post an image that i first saw on a slide (do you know what that is??) back in university and try to remember everything i can about it. i'm allowed to peek at my notes from class though.

saturdays | every other saturday i will announce a new exhibition in the lowercase gallery. you can scroll sideways and feel like you're in a real gallery from the comfort of your own home!

sundays | every other sunday i will feature awesome online sellers and handcraft artists that have struck my fancy. you may want to hide your pocketbook...

sundays | every other sunday until november 2012 i will let you know which unacceptable vice i am giving up for two weeks - sos!

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  1. Wow! Everything is so exciting. :-) I really admire your organization and time management skills. Having a calendar would definitely help in keeping you very productive. I really like that you have something specific for each. I love your art posts as well as snail mail posts! :-)




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