anniversary | seven years

although our wedding anniversary is next month, this is the date that will always count for me - march eighteenth. it was on this day in two thousand and five that jon and i began our relationship. i wore a green sweater and he was over an hour late. but somehow, (despite the fact that i never wear green, and i hate tardiness) we made it work. that's because we have a kind of obsessive love. i think for us it was never really an option as to whether we would get together, it was more about when. (we met four years earlier, when i was about fifteen). 

after seven years we are still completely obsessed with one another. we are constantly touching and hugging and calling each other ridiculous pet names like schmoo and snoof. like any real couple, we have quarrels (and to clarify, he is the one with patience, not i) but we deal with it because there's no other option but to be together. i think whoever took the above picture best captures how this amazing man makes me feel - so thank-you jon - for seven of the best years of my life.*

* so far.


  1. aw. adoreable! and a little gag-worthy (in a good way.) *wink*

  2. Love that picture...you both look so happy and in love. Congrats on 7 years - what a mielstone. :)


  3. What a joyful, lovely picture. Congrats on this anniversary.

  4. Aw so beautiful! I know exactly what you mean about the 'not if we would but when', some things are just meant to be ;) Congrats on 7 years and on being so happy!

  5. Congratulations!!!

    Did you get the package, yet?! I hope so!
    Hugs xxx

  6. Anonymous19.3.12

    Awe :) Happy anniversary!

  7. Aww.. you guys have the same "relationship beginning" anniversary that my hubby & I do! And we also met years earlier before dating-- though we have you beat in that respect, we were friends for 12 years before we began dating. But once we did, that was it!

    Happy anniversary! :-)

  8. Congratulations on your 7th anniversary. :-) There is nothing sweeter than spending your life with that special someone that you truly love and adore. Stay happy and full of love! <3




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