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so i recently posted about my preference for writing paper over cards. i made mention of that fact that i think cards with paragraphs of text are doing all the talking for us. i guess that's why i'm attracted to these straightforward cards by sad shop on etsy. they have a great font, are simple, 'to the point' - and the inside is empty for your own additional words! they also work for everyday or special occasions. in fact, i'm thinking that "i like you and cake" is the perfect card for the first year of what i like to call "oopsie we got married the day after my husband's birthday so now i have to come up with two special gifts two days apart every year for the rest of my life." anniversary + birthday = perfect.



  1. Great cards! So many "that's so true" sayings. :)

  2. Cute! I Like You and Cake is brilliant!

  3. haha.. i hope to never get the Now You Are Old card...

  4. i love those! and naps.


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