snail mail | envelope graphics

i was getting a little bored of plain coloured envelopes this week and so i decided to switch it up with these letters i mailed out. the first one, is a print-out of the isavirtue blog - seriously that's my blog! it's for dana from wonder forest - the designer of this lovely blog. the second envelope is a print out from a type book scan. my lovely friend magdalyn gave me this beauty for christmas (lucky me!!) and it included an online pass with access to over a thousand wonderful images like the one below. perfect for envelopes if you ask me!*

*but then, i'll make anything into an envelope...


  1. you make the loveliest envelopes, kaitlyn! :-) I really love the envelope made out of your blog printout. :-)


  2. oh what a lovely idea! so pretty <3 x

  3. this post is inspiring! i'd been trying to think of new ways to send out my cd's... now i have some new ideas :)


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