art crawl | lauren king

today is the first isavirtue art crawl! i have a feeling i'll be crawling by myself but i do hope you will join in soon! i've chosen a selection of artwork that i feel inspired by lately, and posted images below. you can do the same and then add your link in at the end of this post so that readers can crawl from blog to blog looking at art! to learn more about the art crawl, click here.

the next art crawl will be tuesday, february 7.12

lauren king, of spencer studio, has created these delicate and romantic drawings. centered by a vintage photograph, lauren imagines the existence that surrounds the image. leafy greens burst forth from the border, and water and clouds drift under the seams of the photograph. i love how the picture in the middle makes each piece totally unique! in king's own words: "the process is meant to invoke the imagination and the drawings are a place where the past and present can meet."


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