sunday sins | miscellaneous spending

as part of my quest to "give it up and get better" i'll be giving up something naughty for two weeks at a time, in the hope that it will have some sort of lasting effect and i'll continue to refrain from it on some level. for more sins, click here.

money art by hanna von goeler

as an update on previous sins, i am only taking the elevator half of the time that i used to. unless i am carrying tons of stuff, in a big rush, or not feeling well, then i take the stairs. yay!

in regards to my sin from the last two weeks (late night snacking, no snacks after nine o clock), well by golly i don't think i have attempted something so difficult...ever. if i had to grade myself on how well i did, i would give myself a c+. you see...there was berries. one day i asked j to get me a bag of these little red berries that i like. he forgot, so the next day he made up for by bringing home the whole bag. what i mean by this is that he said to the owner of the shoppe - can i buy the wholesale bag that these come in? so basically it was raining berries for a whole week. we tried to regulate them...but i would find myself munching on them late into the evening. 

and some nights, i just didn't get home until 8 or 9. or i wanted to wait until my husband was done work at 9:30. which means sometimes we didn't have dinner until 10 or 11. but that's our life. 

so it wasn't great, but it certainly created an awareness. and from now on i'll try to ask myself when it's 10:30 and i'm wanting a nibble - if i really want a nibble, or if i'm just bored.

okay, the next sin? miscellaneous spending. this is going to be hard as well, but it's really important. especially now, as the holidays approach and i find myself...struggling. i'm going to be very conscious of where all my money goes and that i'm not throwing it away on silly little things. snacks, drinks, jewelry, trinkets and fast food will go into hiding for the next two weeks.

cross your fingers for me...


  1. You're doing such a great job! I think I'll be creating a list for my new year's resolutions ;)

  2. If you're going to snack, it may as well be on something healthy like berries! No biggie!

    Best of luck with the latest challenge!

  3. i work late too, sometimes i don't get home until 12:30am and i'm hungry- sucks but i honestly think i've lost a little more this way! because i only eat a small portion and i'm too tired to pig out:) best wishes pretty lady! you'll be fine!

  4. don't think a proper meal counts as snacking tho :)

    oh what about impulse shopping? garh this is going to be hard.


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