mail art | black and white wallpaper

i was so delighted to get this awesome piece in the mail last week. my friend shawna used her wallpaper to create the envelope.* i've learned that wallpaper, because of it's thick, water repellent quality, it's actually kind of ideal for enevlopes! i did try it once and it was a little tricky to fold it into place and to get it to stay there. also, when i stamped on it the ink didn't dry - but if you want to protect something in a pretty way - this is the way to go!

she also included a large set of acrylic stamps for my birthday. when she was visiting in september she had just bought these stamps and i fell in love with them, and one rose in particular. so she searched high and low for another set to send me!

which now means i can make more of these...

* don't worry, it was leftovers - it's not like she pulled the paper off the wall for me! if anyone is that desperate for paper, please let me know and i will send you some!


  1. a fabulous stamp set.. I must look for that one!

  2. Haha good to know there isn't a chunk of wallpaper missing from her house! Those envelopes are so pretty!


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