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welcome to the wednesday isavirtue giveaway! don't forget to enter monday's giveaway and tuesday's giveawayall giveaways are open until thursday night!

and don't forget, all week long products in the isavirtue stationery shop are 26% off with the coupon code BIRTHDAY26 (to celebrate turning 26!). in addition, my e-course has been reduced by 26% as well.

i'm actually really excited about today's giveaway - the make art a part (of your life) e-course. the winner of the wednesday giveaway will be enrolled for free in my eight week e-course.

as a small side note, please only enter if you think the course is something that would interest you. it would be a shame to have someone win who say...is a super busy super mom, or doesn't have an interest in art at all! that being said, the course description is here and i think you'll love it!

four different ways to enter | please leave a comment for each of the following
*multiple entries allowed

in order to complete any of the entries below, you must already be a follower of isavirtue blog 
(this will not count as an entry, but you can choose one or multiple entries below)

one | take this survey about the isavirtue blog

two | tell me which section of the e-course you suspect would be your favourite!

three | "like" isavirtue on facebook,
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* all giveaways will be open for entries all week (until midnight thursday pst)

good luck ladies!


  1. Ohh i did the survey but I don't know how to prove that I did. I'm the crazy stationery lover who uses stationery for EVERYTHING!! Haha...more embarrassing in real life...

  2. Tweeted https://twitter.com/#!/Miss_KMS/status/134229946154496000

  3. Did the survey :)
    I'm most interested in the inspiration part, because it's not easy for me to find inspiration and to do new things. I'm repeating my sixth year because I had to make a work and I was stuck and I just couldn't find the inspiration and I used the same style over and over again...
    I liked you on Facebook
    I follow you on twitter

    xxx, Mri

  4. mri - e-course explanation

  5. Anonymous9.11.11

    I took your survey! :)

  6. Anonymous9.11.11

    I would love the section on photography!

  7. Anonymous9.11.11

    I follow you on Facebook! :)

  8. Anonymous9.11.11

    I completed the survey!

  9. Anonymous9.11.11

    I think the Creation part will definitely be the best!!

  10. Anonymous9.11.11

    I liked your FB page!

  11. Anonymous9.11.11

    I now follow you on Twitter. :]


  12. Anonymous9.11.11

    I took the survey!!! :D

  13. Anonymous9.11.11

    I already like on facebook so i left you a wall post. :D

  14. Anonymous9.11.11

    I just tweeted!!

  15. Anonymous9.11.11

    All the sections sound so great! decoration and creation especially sound fun to me!!

  16. I wanna win this so bad! I've wanted to sign up for it since it launched but I had zero extra dollars lying around. I suspect my favorite part of the course will be photography (being a photographer) but I wanna learn all of it! I've always wanted to learn to paint. Thanks for this giveaway! And happy birthday tomorrow

  17. I "like" isavirtue on FB!

  18. I took the survey. I hope my answers help!

  19. I took the survey! Hope it helps :)

  20. I think that inspiration would be my favorite part of this amazing course!


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