sunday sins | late night snacking

let's talk stairs. whew!

as part of my quest to "give it up and get better" i'll be giving up something naughty for two weeks at a time, in the hope that it will have some sort of lasting effect and i'll continue to refrain from it on some level. so for the last two weeks i have not taken a single elevator ride...well okay, truth? i took a single elevator ride. j actually forced me to take the elevator with him because we were bringing home my new painting (so exciting!! more on that in a couple weeks!!). but i swear, cross my heart that was the only time.

and let me tell you. i wanted to, but i didn't. notable moments that i really wanted to take the elevator instead of climb the stairs included:

+ when i forgot my cell phone upstairs on the very first morning i began this.
+ when i was wearing (what felt like) five inch heels on my birthday.
+ when it had been raining non stop and it felt like i'd spent the whole day waiting for public transit in leaky bus shelters and all i wanted to do was collapse.
+ when i went to visit the artist i work for and he lives on the fourth floor (plus stairs up the entrance)

like i said - whew! but i did it and that's what matters. and i think it's safe to say that now that i know i can do that, i'll allow myself to take the elevator during some of the noted circumstances above.

okay, next up? late night snacking. boy oh boy, this one's gonna be a doozy. i seriously don't know if i can go two weeks without snacking late at night. j and i are the worst for this. we'll just get up and go to the grocery store at 11:30 pm and buy cookies and a tub of ice cream. it's truly wretched and also so delicious! 

i'm thinking i need some self imposed rules so i'm going to go ahead and tell myself that i'm not allowed to eat after nine pm.* i know that may actually seem late to some of you but it's not really for me since i stay up until midnight or one am on average and consume about five snacks during that time. it probably looks something like the above painting of dessert girl by lee price**!

oh geez this is gonna be hell - wish me luck! 

* oh god i'm moaning at the thought of this already!
** i posted more amazing images by lee price here.

p.s. two more days for the 20% cyber weekend sale in my shop :)


  1. I love that painting!

    Good job with your stairs goal and good luck on snacks! I have a hard time resisting snacks when I stay up late too! I think it is nice that you are doing some of these before January 1st hits...I find that it's hard to start goals on exactly January 1st! Early is probably better.

  2. haha yeah taking stairs can be difficult but its always good in the end for doing it! so glad you made your goal! understandable with the painting though :] and Late night snacking is always the worst for me as well! perhaps i will work on this will you. Good luck on it, the holidays are coming up! >.<
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  3. Good job on no elevators! I'm proud of you! Maybe to celebrate we can take the elevator up to Vista18 and go for cocktails? Before 9pm obviously because I'll want a snack for sure. And I'm definitely not climbing up 18 floors!

    PS. What a great sale! I just bought tons of swag!

  4. Hahah good luck, lovely! I love that you're already hurting from this one but that you're doing it anyway! Kudos! Kx

  5. wow good going with the elevator!

    late nigh snacking could be a killer tho, i tried giving up sweets for a while and jaysus let me tell you it is just like not trying to think about the polar bear...now it will be in your head!

    Maybe have some healthy snack options around in case you do crack, at least you won't feel too bad. Good luck!


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