sunday seller | a favorite

lately i've been noticing just how much of a font snob i really am. i'm not all technical about it (although i do get a serious kick out of this kerning game), for me it's more of a visual thing. when i see comic sans or lucida handwriting, i find myself wanting to curl up in a ball and cry.

certain fonts just rub me the wrong way - mostly because other people don't seem to understand that fonts are exactly like words, and clothes, and everything else we use to non verbally send a message nowadays. fonts say something - and it's not necessarily what the words on the page are saying.

so needless to say i'm totally in love with these font cards by a favorite* on etsy. not to mention they double as puns so this card creator is truly after my heart!

be sure to come back later today as i will be posting the list of giveaways for my big birthday contest this whole week!

* sooo hard to spell that the american way, my fingers keep tripping!


  1. These are so cool. I can think of several people who would just love to receive a card like this...yep, most of them are graphic artists.

  2. omg i feel the same! fonts are vital...

    these cards are awesome. thanks for sharing! xo ♡

  3. Love those cards !

    xx, Mri

  4. I am a big font snob too :) Sometimes it tells you more than the actual words.


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