gift guide | snail mail and notes

i've put together this gift guide based on items that i think are perfect for any mail enthusiasts, letter writers, package pals and journalists. which of these are you favourite?

one | a beautiful packaging kit from sweet findings
two | recycled mail book from bad books
three | ruler notebook from bailey doesn't bark
four | an adorable first letter writing stationery set from a lane design
five | encouraging letter writing pencils from the carbon crusader
six | useable vintage canadian stamps from send more mail (us ones here)
seven | perfect postcard purse from rosie's armoire
eight | simple penny farthing writing paper from isavirtue stationery
nine | airmail style flat note cards from simply b
ten | pink winter snowflake envelopes from isavirtue stationery*

* what! i had to include some of my own!


  1. Wouldn't it just be a massive treat to find all of this in your stocking?
    I really couldn't choose a favourite, it's all equally pretty and practical.

    Saw this and thought of you


    Quite a masculine finish, don't you think?

  2. Oh I love it all so much! How cute!

  3. 1
    10 ("what! i had to include some of [your] own!") ;)

  4. I really like the ruler note books x

  5. beautiful collection! =D

  6. I found this entry floating around Twitter, and I'm so glad I found your blog. This is such a lovely list!


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