fifty-two projects | project forty-five

this is project forty of fifty-two projects. for more completed projects click here.

project forty-five | write a one minute autobiography. don't necessarily start at the beginning and don't worry about the ending. once the minute is up, read over what you have written, and then immediately repeat the exercise.

alterations | none, oh, except i obviously stopped at a certain point.

i wasn't in the mood to do another fifty-two projects but i reminded myself how much i like them because they inspire me to do things i wouldn't normally think of. i thought this project was going to be harder than it was but i ended up quite enjoying it. i did have to edit a bit because when you are rushing to type...anything within a minute, you make a couple of mistakes.

i imagine this would make a great exercise for people with writer's block!

minute one |
i was born in etobicoke, which is now called toronto. it's strange to me that my birthplace technically no longer exists. but i do, and that's what really matters i suppose. i don't remember my childhood very well. instead i hold on to, and re-tell, the memories which i remembered years ago.

minute two |
if i could regain the confidence i had in my teenage years i would be delighted. the strange thing of course, is that i didn't know i was confident or that i had high self esteem when i was a youth. in fact if you had asked me then what i loved about myself - instead i might have given you a laundry list of things i despised, both physically and otherwise.

minute three |
when i was in the second, third and fourth years of my undergrad degree, i claimed that the best year of my life thus far as my first year of university. a year in which i learned new things, was introduced to new people and shared new experiences. but then when i moved to victoria to do my undergrad degree, that became the best year of my life. which leads me to believe that potentially, life could keep getting better and better.


  1. This is a cool idea!!! Do you still live in Voctoria. My whole family is there and I moved to right near Toronto (Brockville) about a year ago. Weird....LOL
    Can't wait for you to keep going on this, love your writing.

  2. That is such a beautiful picture! im glad that life is getting better for you! i am just about to go into collage when this school year ends, i am a little worried but i am sure i will be fine.


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