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drum roll please!


  1. Pretty!! I love journals!

  2. Love them! So pretty...I am always impressed with your projects. xo

  3. Those are lovely. I have lots of journals, but the problem is that I am not so good at using them. I have to work on that :)

  4. Anonymous20.10.11

    I like these too :) I 've made journals before but these are way better than what I came up with! :)

  5. its so adorable!!! do u have those in just plain unlined pages? it would be cool to have that as a sketchbook. :)


  6. Love the blue and green papers in the last two photos.

    I wanted to pop over to your blog to tell you THANK YOU for your very thoughtful comment on my blog the other day about the 50/50 movie. It really made my day to see such a genuine note.

    Also, as I've been reading through your blog your post on "thoughts on jealousy" really struck a chord with me too. It's so hard to read my favorite blogs every day that have thousands of readers and hundred of comments on each post. I agree, apart of me wants to just have a good cry about it because I'm jealous, but the other part says don't give up yet! But I think if we just love what we're doing and just be honest and true to ourselves everyday the listeners will come!

    xo Sarah

    ps LOVE your shop

  7. Anonymous20.10.11

    These are so pretty. They look so precious and colorful, but simple too.

  8. Oh ! Those are super pretty! I looove notebooks and sketchbooks and all those thing ! <3
    xx, Mri

  9. These are so pretty! I should really pick up writing a journal, so I would have use for pretty journals like this!! Stunning work Kaitlyn! :)


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