fifty-two projects | project forty

this is project forty of fifty-two projects, for more completed projects click here.

project forty | list the years that you have been alive. then, in a word, sentence or paragraph, write down a significant memory from each year.

alterations | the thing is, i have terrible memory. i have trouble remembering specific things, or life changing moments or really...anything at all. so all of my memories will likely be "fleeting" thoughts except for the most recent years.



one | burying my face in my pillow that my nana made me*
two | baby-bell cheese in front of a fireplace
three | riding a tricycle on the street while we moved into the townhouse on wilson ave.
four | wearing matching pajamas with my brother
five | kindergarden classroom with the sinks at the back
six | trading lunches on joy day at christmastime
seven | eating giant pancakes made by dad at the hungarian bay cottage
eight | getting in trouble with madame mount for laughing during french class
nine | waiting for a friend put her hair in a bun, jealous she knows how from dance class
ten | watching a classmate pee her pants while we read the secret garden
eleven | deciding not to wear a bra despite having done so for two years already to feel grown up
twelve | wearing green eye shadow one day and realizing how dumb it looks
thirteen | taking my heels off at grade eight graduation
fourteen | choosing math class over a hawaii trip
fifteen | getting punched by a girl while wearing neon pink pants
sixteen | accidentally trying to ski down a double black diamond hill
seventeen | making yorkshire puddings with my boyfriend
eighteen | getting a butterfly tattoo and not knowing the tattooists were probably laughing at me
nineteen | finally getting the chance to properly kiss my future husband
twenty | buying my first real queen sized bed
twenty-one | discovering contemporary art
twenty-two | getting my first real job(s) at an art gallery
twenty-three | driving through saskatchewan and looking up at the night sky
twenty-four | yelling at my thesis supervisor and then breaking down in tears at work
twenty-five | trying so hard not to cry while marrying the love of my life

* i had to ask my parents for this one. burying my face in my comfort pillow is still something i do today!


  1. i'm a little hurt that i'm not featured in there - just saying!

  2. Love this one! I'm going to do this on my own blog :)

  3. What a fun project!! Love this one.

  4. I love this! I'm going to do this. I only have to come up with 25 more memories than you. Oh boy, that's going to be rough...fun though too.

  5. Great list... but I would really struggle with this, too. My life is four big blurs (childhood, teens, uni, twenties) and a little bit of clarity around the last few years. I couldn't tell you which memories come from when I was three and which from when I was eleven.

  6. :-} I enjoyed your list so innocent. My memories are fleeting too, I do remember kindergarden though!

    Your most recent follower.

  7. Great list ! I'm not sure if I'm able to do that ... I have the memories, but I don't know exactly where in time they belong...
    Anyway, it's a great idea :)

    xx, Mri


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