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some people miss the thrill of meeting someone new, dating and falling in love. ya, that's all well and good but i would never trade the intimacy i have with my husband for any of those cheap thrills.

to some, intimacy means cuddles and kisses and secrets shared while laying in bed at night. to me, intimacy means laughter over inside jokes, sharing looks without saying a word, and always peeing with the bathroom door open. it's knowing when your partner is stressed or upset and needs to be rubbed in that special spot behind their ear. intimacy is about eating breakfast with mascara raccoon eyes and your partner doesn't tell you - not because he thinks its funny but because he loves you so much he didn't even notice.

intimacy is writing lyrics from your lover's favourite song and pinning them to the fridge, writing their special nickname in the fog on the bathroom mirror, or finding their favourite german chocolate bar and buying the whole box. it's shaping the duvet on the bed into a heart for them to find later...

what does intimacy mean to you?


  1. I love this post. Flirting and chasing is all very well, but it just leads to those awful, awkward early weeks of not knowing what to say to each other and agonising over the wording of every text message. What we have now, now we're settled - that's the good stuff.

  2. My idea of intimacy is much like yours :) I love this. Made me smile.

  3. sometimes, i miss interacting with new people. but i wouldn't give up what i have with my love for awkward encounters. thanks for the good reminder.

    intimacy to me are the looks we share and that he's always there for me. plus the laughs and how much we share.

  4. I'll tell you when I found one I'd like to keep :)

  5. My idea of intimacy is just like yours :) I love this post :)
    I love that I can talk to my boyfriend about everything, that we can play pokémon together or read books in the sun and still don't get bored :) I love that when we look in each other eyes, we can see what the other is thinking and that there's no need for words or questions. I love that he's always there for me and that I can be myself around him. All the time.



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