mail art monday | how to write a letter

today, instead of talking about the outside of the envelope, i would like to discuss the inside.

do you ever feel daunted by the idea of writing a letter? does it seem tedious, time consuming and you simply don't know what to write? i'm convinced that this is the reason cards were invented. so that people could write succinct notes - or have the card say it for them! but i have a solution.

many many years ago, i heard a motivational speaker give a talk about life. his name is sunjay nath and he is one of the most entertaining speakers i have ever heard. because of him i know how to gwack. he once talked about being able to judge how happy you are by comparing your life to the suits of playing cards. over the years i have used this theory to develop a letter writing method.

spades | you, your health and your mental happiness

clubs | work,  hobbies and extracurricular activities

diamonds | your money and your financial situation

hearts | your relationships including partners, friends and family

now technically, you would use this to determine whether you are "playing all your cards" (that means you are happy). if you are only playing...say diamonds and clubs then you know you need to work on yourself and your relationships.

but for letter writing, you can simply title each section of the letter and follow the prompts described above. because as you can see, this method basically covers every aspect of your life.

for example, for the hearts section, i would write to a good friend that i miss my family, especially on thanksgiving, that i have more time for friends now that my work schedule has changed and that my relationship with my husband is very fulfilling right now - although we did quarrel about the dishes three times this week.

let me know if this method works for you! and if you decorate your envelope, be sure to send the pics my way for posting on mail art monday!


  1. Ooooh I love this idea! Not just for letter writing either! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the way you decided to talk about how to address everything in a letter. That really makes it seem so much easier to me! Thanks for the tips! :) -Lo

  3. This is cool! I want to give this a try to give some fresh look and ideas to my letters.

  4. This is such a cool writing prompt! You should make this a meme.


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