fifty-two projects | project seventeen

this is project seventeen of fifty-two projects. for more completed projects, click here.

project seventeen | wake up at five am. usually it's about catching a plane. but do it just to take advantage of the quite early morning hours. take a walk. read the paper. work on your novel. write a note to a friend. write a long entry in your journal. make a big breakfast. just sit there, drink coffee and watch the sun come up.

alteration | five am? hah! try again.

admittedly this was one of those projects i was really nervous about doing. i know for a fact that i am not a morning person and waking up this early usually only translates to some sort of nausea. but yesterday morning i woke up at six am and when i reached for my cell phone* it wasn't there. i started hyperventilating thinking i had left it at the movie theatre when we went out the night before. so i woke up and searched all over without waking up j. no such luck. i called it but knew it was on silent from the movie so there was no sound.

i found the car keys and went down to the garage to look in the car. no such luck!! i came back up stairs and turned on the light in the bathroom and my closet. aha! it was sitting on a stack of clothes on the shelf and heck if i know why!

but now i was wide awake. i remembered this project and figured i should take advantage of this time since i didn't have anywhere to go that day. i would have a nap later i told myself. this is what i can tell you about six o clock in the morning. things are wet. i went to sit on the balcony chair and got soaked from the dew all over it!

so i spent the next hour and a half doing something i had been meaning to do for awhile. back in the spring, the day before our wedding, i received an email from the national gallery of canada asking for a copy of my thesis to keep on file.** since i was so busy i had filed it away for later. i wanted to read over it first before sending it. except it's about sixty pages so i never quite got around to it! but i did yesterday morning as the sun was coming up!

i thought it would be nice to bring j pancakes in bed before he had to go to work so i went to the grocer's for syrup. when i got to the store they weren't open yet! that has never happened to me before. on the way home i realized...i didn't have my keys. i waited at the front door of the building for someone to come out. not a soul. after fifteen minutes i intermittantly called the house phone and j's cell. no answer. i kept calling for the next twenty minutes but he was dead to the world apparently. finally, forty-five minutes after i had left the house, someone walked out of the building and i screamed at him to hold the door. he was all like "do you live here? what apartment?" standing there in my jam jams (sweats... but still!) with my hair all askew and a bag of bread and syrup i was like "really??"

when i got upstairs he was still asleep. i didn't want him to know about the whole incident. i just wanted pancakes to magically appear so i erased my phone calls from his cell and all was well.

well, it was a crazy morning to say the least. and at eleven thirty am i did go back to bed. all i can say is thank-god i proofed my thesis otherwise it would have been some serious time wasted!

*i always look at my cell phone whether it's two, four, seven or eleven am. it's a bad habit because i usually scan my emails to see if there is anything pertinent. but then i think about the emails and have trouble getting back to sleep!
** i used a national gallery exhibition as a case study.


  1. Hello! :-) It was really nice reading your blog. Its quite interesting to be reading someone else's life and it just gave me the idea of trying to do projects or challenges for myself.

    oh, by the way, I would love to join the travelling journal as well as the pen pal thingy. :-) how does that work?

    hope to hear from you soon!


  2. hahah what a morning!!! at least you had pancakes to make up for it all.

    I love the early mornings, such a great feeling in the air to be out and about while everyone is still sleeping.

    x krystie


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