what i made | holiday flat cards

this is it! my christmas flat cards. so much chicer* then folding cards and certainly more simple. these are the same style of cards that i use to make my postcards - but with empty space on the back sides. i'm crossing my fingers hoping people will still be interested in holiday orders using these flat cards instead of the more traditional kind. i did already receive my first custom christmas order of thirty envelopes and flat cards so that's a good start!

* i highly doubt that's a word but i'm going with it...


  1. Gosh, I think they're lovely. Super clean.

  2. going to have to agree that these are by far theeeee cutest:)

  3. Tthese are really great. Will you be doing assorted packs? Not sure I could choose one.

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  5. AWESOME! so fresh xo

  6. I love this! Great job! And so well-prepared in advance! :-)


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