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i have a timeline for my life. or should i say i did. i mean, it's not like i wrote it down or anything (graduate highschool at seventeen, finish my undergrad in proper time, enter grad school at twenty-one years of age, get married by twenty-six...)

and yet i might as well have wrote it down because that's how clear the timeline was in my head. my life has always been very "on track." i finished all my schooling in the appropriate amount of time, at the average age and even got married before i was a certain age - which is what i always imagined. 

except i never thought past now. i had this idea that after i was done my education i would...find the perfect career and...be married.

what is that?? that's nothing - it's not a life, or a plan or anything really. and in many ways it's a myth. i didn't find the perfect job and i did get married but after the "getting" married part the verb is over and now i have to figure out - what's next? 

because it's not babies. not yet anyways!

for now i'm aiming to make my life into something that makes me happy. i want to be doing things i love and not feeling like i'm rushing to meet the next deadline.

do you have a timeline? even subconsciously?


  1. I tend to have 'visions'. There have been several images in my mind since childhood, most of which have accurately become real. I suppose I both consciously and subconsciously aim towards creating a life which matches these images (house surrounded by grass, huge washing line, me in a floral dress and wellies) - that I'm still waiting on!

    Maybe it's time to adopt each others' technique? See how we get on...

  2. no. excepy visit paris by the time i'm 30 with my sister, but that one's more for her benefit.

  3. I never had such a clear timeline, I moved to London and just worked in bars and restaurants for a year when I was 19, then I went back to Sweden for a year and after that I went to uni :) So I was 26 when I graduated but it has never bothered me, I think everyone is different, we all need to do stuff in our own time. Good luck with finding your new goals, so exciting! You can start a new dream! :)

    xo Lisa

  4. Anonymous5.9.11

    I am in the same place as you! married, no kids yet, unhappy with my job. trying to figure out what to do next. cheers to the adventure! :)

  5. no mam. Actually, that's not true. I would like to pay off all my credit card debt (approx $35000) by the time I'm 35 (I have 4 years and one month to do that). Student loan repayments aren't even on my radar yet.

    Otherwise, life's wide open :)

  6. Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog - did you find out about Blackpool?

    I was going to be a novelist. The rest was just to fill time while I achieved that (not that I have done). If I could go back, I'd put more thought into my Plan B and get a degree which was relevant to things I might actually want to do (journalism? graphic design?), but life seems to have a funny way of sorting itself out for the best regardless...


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