our wedding album

i always knew that i didn't want to create a tradition wedding album - the kind where you lift the sheet of clear plastic and slide the photo in underneath. actually, i wouldn't have believed that kind still existed if i hadn't seen one just today! so when i saw a groupon for blurb, an online photo book company - it seemed like fate. 

they have a program that you can use to insert your photos onto the pages. despite never having problems with my trusty mac,* i couldn't seem to get the program to work. it was never able to load fully on my computer. however, i tried it on another computer and had no problems. in fact i was impressed at how quickly the high resolution photos were uploaded. i was able to shift my pictures and swap pages easily. there were tons of fun layouts to choose from, and a warning sign popped up if i tried to make the photo too big.  

i used some of my favourite photos from the day (by boston avenue, who were amazing), and here and there i inserted words from our guestbook - the "dictionary" of our language together**. the book is tiny, but it's perfect. i like to imagine sharing it with our future children one day. 


* i mean come on, this is the computer which i spilled a glass of water all over and it survived. i also left it on a bus once, and it made it's way safely back to me. my mac is a trooper (so is my iphone which i dropped in the toilet one time. i don't want it to feel left out of this apple compliment party...)
** if you click on the photos and zoom in, you may even be able to read some!


  1. Beyond Adorable! : )

  2. moustache picture is my fave!
    And here is a moustache pun:

    A:I moustache you a question?
    Can eyebrows your computer?
    B: Let me mullet over!

  3. Congratulations on getting your wedding album done, that's my goal before the end of the year. This post is encouraging. You know, we share the same wedding date. That puts even more pressure for me to complete it. :)

  4. Oh I love this! I will definitely have one when I hopefully get married one day...

  5. you did a beautiful job! it is surly a keeper and would be a great family heirloom one day. i used blurb to make a book for my Mom and its interface was really easy to use, you're right on about that! kudos. ♥


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