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project nine | the next time you or somebody else breaks a glass in your home, instead of throwing out the pieces, collect the remnants, carefully clean them, and then place them in a jar. a glass that gets broken during a party is the best kind to save. 

alteration | this glass breaking did not happen at my home but at my new job. i did not save it because i assumed that would think i was wackadoo! i was already taking pictures of it for goodness sakes!

so ya, i broke this glass at an art exhibition opening at my new job. my first opening there and i break a glass. how lucky for me that i get to commemorate that completely embarassing moment on this blog. i didn't save the glass and i didn't put it in a jar and label it, but this blog is kind of like one big jar full of memories so i'm labeling the moment here: september eigth, two thousand and eleven. great opening, jam packed, great party. i broke a wineglass. xo, kaitlyn.

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  1. That is a way to break you in to a new job! No pun intended ;)


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