feature art friday

j and i went to a fine arts show today. we were very judgmental which usually isn't my style but some of the pieces were so boring they made me want to cry. i heard over and over that the show was juried and hundreds of works had been turned down. now don't get me wrong, i'm very open-minded - i just expected to see the best of the best. that being said, here are some of the ones i loved*:

* sorry for the blurry photos. photography is never allowed at these things but i sneak photographs anyways. maybe its wrong but its the one rule in the art world that i can't get behind. we live in the twenty-first century and pictures and the internet are unavoidable. ideally i would like to have photographed each placard with the artists name and the title so i could put credit where it's due, but i was too worried about getting in trouble (and i totally did but i feigned ignorance).

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  1. Bahaha! Love it. I do stuff like that sometimes too. :)


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