fifty-two projects | project thirteen

this is project thirteen of fifty-two projects (in no particular order). to see more projects, visit the link on the right side bar, or click here.

project thirteen: have a dinner party on the next friday the thirteenth. invite all of your good friends. at the end of the meal, no matter what kind of cuisine you served, bring out a tray of fortune cookies. make sure you organize the tray so that you know who gets which fortune cookie. the reason for this is because earlier in the day you carefully pulled out whatever fortunes were in the cookies, and replaced them with fortunes specific for each of your friends. 

alteration: i didn't have my dinner party on friday the thirteenth. aside from this being project thirteen, there didn't appear to be a great deal of significance to this number. also, i was unable to pull out the fortunes, to attempt this definitely would have broken the cookies!

i wasn't actually sure where to find fortune cookies. i had this idea that i would have to go to a chinese restaurant and beg for some. i looked restaurants up online and many of the local ones were in china town (surprise!). while i was down there, i asked a random man on the street where the best place to find fortune cookies would be. i wasn't sure if this was inappropriate but he sent me to a little grocer right across the street. sure enough they were right at the front of the store. bags of a dozen for ninety-nine cents! of course i bought three bags because there was only four in each bag that had "openings"

i tried to make the fortunes i wrote very similar to the originals, both visually and verbally - but more personalized of course! (you can see the fortune i wrote for myself at the bottom of this first image). i put the cookies next to some lemon sorbet and make little flags so that there was no confusion as to who's cookie/ice cream was whos. each person read their partner's fortune for them and then we all enjoyed some delicious desert. yum!


  1. Holey Moley! This is amazing!!! I love your fortune for yourself and just from these photos- I agree! haha! WOW!

  2. Anonymous30.6.11

    So cute! I don't remember which show it was but someone on foodnetwork made homemade fortune cookies...it looked pretty easy too! Your little dishes are adorable though <3


  3. omg this is amazingly cute and creative! i wanna make homeade fortune cookies :)

  4. I love this! Such a great idea.


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