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the subject of this post comes at a perfect time because i just finished reading over fifty wedding cards.* j believes that you have to read the whole card in order to win the prize of whatever gift is inside. i believe you are only obligated to read what the gifter wrote to you personally - because that is the part they truly mean. but j is right, because it's hard to say how serious a person was when they picked out your card. let's just say i am generally a fan of blank cards that allow you to write your own thoughts.** anyhoo, the moral of the story is that i prefer humour or personal notes above cliched sayings. with that, i give you richie design - who does it with hilarity and uniqueness!

*many of which were doubles...or triples of the same card!
** or writing paper which is specifically meant for this purpose! buy some here.

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  1. Anonymous21.4.11

    So...these note cards are wonderful! I particularly like the shark music. Because that is true, but it also made me think about what if we actually DID have "shark music" - wouldn't that make life quite different! And what is people heard different music according to their life? I like this new idea. Thanks for the post!

    Keep smiling,


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