j and i just arrived home and i'm so happy i wish i could make love to my apartment. i'm a real nester and home-body. i love to change it up but that feeling you get when you come home after being away for awhile is just delicious! that being said, when i do travel i like to make my accommodations feel nice and homey. i don't set out framed photographs or anything but i bring my pillow, put all of my clothes away and create separate little bins for hair pins, make-up, toiletries etc. so in that sense i think something like luxe home swap would be right up my alley! except for the minor fact that i think...possibly...definitely...my home does not qualify as luxe. oh, and the whole trust thing.

but a girl can dream of these places can't she?


  1. their is no better thing than beeing home! I love to travel and I really love to be away, but coming home after a vacation, is like the best thing ever! welcome home! :)

  2. Good to be home! That kitchen has my heart! ♥

  3. Holy kitchen batman! Yes please!!! AND the roof top patio, uhhh, yeah. I'll take one of those.


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