decor vs. art

j and i used our wedding gift cards at home outfitters yesterday. as i redesigned our living room this evening with a new tv, carpet, ottoman and table piece, i had a good laugh to myself. let me tell you why.

although i went through a serious red decor phase a couple years ago, i'm very much into black, white and grey when it comes to decorating. even our bedspread, which j swears is green, looks grey to me so i let it slide. i find it offensive to my eyes to be sitting on a blue couch, or next to an orange pillow, or put my feet up on an oak coffee table.

but art. it's like an entirely different entity. it's as if i care so deeply for it that my eyes are willing to view it in a totally different way. i love so many different types of art, including different media and different colours. it makes almost no sense to me that my living room is black, white, grey, sleek, modern, clean and crisp...and yet my favourite painting, "miss carefree #3" is colourful, collaged, scrambled and totally out of place.

or is it perfect?*

bonnie lewis. miss carefree #3. 58x58. oil on canvas. 2000.

*as goldilocks said about the best porridge, it's juuuust right. and i love it (more than porridge obviously).


  1. i love the contrast on so many levels. here are three in case you are interested :P

    1) compared to the clean lines of your decor, the soft lines and interwoven images balances the room
    2) the colour does the same thing
    3) this totally represents your taste. in life you are very precise and organized, but you are so open minded with art

    c'est tout!

  2. It looks beautiful. The ottoman is gorgeous.

  3. Anonymous26.4.11

    i'm glad you saw this annie because i was going to take a picture of the ottoman (it's a storage container) and email it to you!

  4. your space looks absolutely beautiful! i love it :)hope you are relaxing dear friend! xoxo

  5. Anonymous27.4.11

    My mouth just started watering for your cream cheese covered bagel. That puts my yogurt and granola to shame :(
    But on a lighter note, I am in love with that painting! It's so...weird and awesome. I can't wait to have a house of my own so I can fill it with strange paintings and little lovelies!
    Thanks for stopping by :)


  6. beautiful! :) i just saw your post on lindsay's (scenic glory) and i had to come over. love your blog!

    hope you'll stop bye!



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