feature art friday | gregory colbert

one of the classes that really changed my perception of "art" and made me come to love a whole new genre of it was a third year undergraduate contemporary art course. i remember it clearly because i was in second year (the program was being cancelled and so they let me take this course as it was the last time it would be run). i thought i might be in over my head but instead i was totally and completely infatuated with everything we were learning.

we each had to do a project and @tracybriggs did her presentation on gregory colbert. i fell in love with this photographer instantly. yesterday a friend from university sent me a message that said: "someone showed me this website with meditation music and elephants bathing and it was awesome and i'm wondering if it was you? i think it has fire in the name"

it was me. colbert photographs animals with humans in their natural habitat in an effort to recapture a time when the two lived in harmony together. if you want to experience this project fully go here, click explore, then click explore on the next page too (wish i could get you further but there is no links to copy after that). it's worth it though.

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