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happy international letter writing week! from january 8-14 every year, the world celebrates the joy of writing letters to penpals, friends, and loved ones. how great is that?

when i was younger, i attended a leadership conference and heard the amazing sunjay nath. sunjay is an inspirational speaker - and one of the best i have ever heard. from him i learned about the humour of linguistics, the nuances of peer pressure, and how to remember every single prime minister. but my favourite was when he compared one's life to a deck of cards. 

i found myself referring back to this theory while writing letters as a teenager. stuck for something to write i would think "okay, i already wrote about my hearts (my new boyfriend, my dramarama friends, my annoying parents), and about my spades (stressed out because of exams, had a cold recently), so i should talk about my diamonds and my clubs (how much mould i'm making at my fast food job, and the classes i'm enjoying at school).  when i didn't know where to begin a letter, i just follow the suits as inspiration! see below and above.

clubs | your job, career or work. your school, classes or education. your hobbies, events and extracurricular activities.

hearts | your spouse or partner. your parents, siblings or children. your extended family. your friends, acquaintances and co-workers.

diamonds | your money, your finances, your struggles, house buying, wedding planning, children related costs and gifts.

spades | you, your mental and physical health. how you are feeling.

happy writing!

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